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Immigration Laws are complex and confusing and sometimes make no sense. Field is also incredibly interesting and relevant and representing each client is extremely humbling and rewarding. Being an immigration law firm, not only do we deal with issues ripped from the headlines on a daily basis but our work often impacts the lives of our clients, most profoundly his or her right to remain in the U.S. to live and to work. Our role as an immigration lawyer often doubles as social worker, marriage counselor and general shrink. We often find talented, highly skilled and accomplished professionals revealing to us that they are undocumented or that they had a minor criminal offense that no one knows about. Others tell us first of their plan to divorce or of children from liaisons long ago. Many skeletons come out of the closet in an immigration law office. To effectively represent clients with unique issues, immigration practitioners MUST have in-depth knowledge of the skeleton.

Paragon Law Firm focuses on the principle that each immigration client’s case is unique and warrants both - the personal attention of a strong advocate with your best interests at heart as well as in-depth knowledge and application of the most recent law to achieve that interest.

Attorney at our firm has acquired and continues to acquire in-depth knowledge of immigration laws as well as relevant state laws that directly impacts your immigration case through extensive studies, ongoing education, certifications, clinics, pro-bono representation and mentorship.

Because our firm is founded by an immigrant herself, the attorney has been closely involved with the immigration process from nearly every vantage point. We understand how complicated and daunting the process can seem to those unfamiliar with the law and have seen the joy that comes from a successful outcome - be it work authorization, asylum, a green card, or U.S. citizenship. And above all, we know how important it is for individuals, families, and employers to have an immigration attorney they can trust and understands first-hand how complicated the immigration process can be. This personal familiarity of our attorney with the immigration process, together with her extensive professional training and experience, makes our firm’s attorney a compassionate and effective advocate in immigration matters. Our attorney is eager to offer her significant skills and knowledge to help individuals, families, and employers with their immigration needs.

Understanding the importance and complexity of the law, we offer pro-bono and low-cost legal services to the eligible indigent clients. Our experience working with a variety of clients on a regular basis keeps us updated with most current changes in immigration rules, regulations and internal policies.

We offer special appearance services to the out of state immigration attorneys in local immigration courts. We also offer certified translation of foreign documents and interpretation services in multiple languages including Hindi, Gujarati Punjabi and Spanish.

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Immigration Court Representation

Defensive Asylum before Immigration Judge

Bond /Custody Redetermination

Cancellation of Removal

Credible Fear Interview Representation

Ice Stay of Removal / Parole Requests

Negative Credible Fear Review

Motions to Terminate / Reopen / Reconsider


Citizenship, Green Cards & Work Permits

Affirmative Asylum before Asylum Office

Adjustment of Status Based on Marriage -
Green Card Renewals / Replacement

Citizenship and Naturalization

Green Cards for Asylees and Refugees

Work Permits

Green Cards for Family thru Consular Process

Green Cards thru L1 visas


Temporary, Work & Business Visas

TN (NAFTA) Visas for Canadian and Mexican Citizens

L1 Visas for Intra-company Transferees

E2 - Non-immigrant Investors Visas

B1 / B2 Visitor Visas

F-1/ M-1 Student Visas


Complex Immigration

Appeals Before BIA
(Board of Immigration Appeals)

9th Circuit Court Petitions for Review of BIA Denials

Federal Court Habeas Corpus Petitions